• Featured Image The G Spot? Hers… Yours… His…

    No matter who you are, men and women alike, you have a g spot. If you don’t know that, then you haven’t found it, and if you haven’t found it…..well, quite frankly you’re missing out.

    First, let’s start with the blander details:

    The G-Spot was first discovered by a German doctor named Ernst Gafenberg in the 50’s. Most people wouldn’t remember the Grafenberg Spot, so that’s why it’s now called the G-Spot. The “G Spot” is something we all most certainly would remember if even once you’ve experienced the wrath of its attack, or it’s smoldering embrace, or the physical release.., and that look on their face….Priceless.

    Let’s take a closer look.

    Stimulating the G-Spot is not just sexually beneficial.  It is also beneficial for your mind, body, and health.  That’s right, it’s actually healthy for you!

    An orgasm is a great way to relieve stress. When your heart beats faster, it increases the flow of blood during the tightening of the muscles; which in turn, releases built up tension.  A male orgasm is followed by a drop in blood pressure.   When these endorphin’s are released, the effect can be extremely calming.   Want to know something else?  An orgasm can lower cravings for junk food and having orgasms also burns calories!  Yay!!!!! Best weight loss plan ever! Everyone work out!!!

    Releasing sexual tension also helps manage pain naturally.  Call it a natural anesthetic, if you will.  It has been found that headaches and cramps can disappear during masturbation or during sex. I Endorphin’s, which are the natural equivalent to morphine, are released from the body when having sex, and it increases a person’s tolerance to pain to about 69% when experiencing an orgasm.  I suddenly feel pain in my back while sitting up writing this article.  Any volunteers to come help me ‘up’ my pain tolerance level?  Juuust kiddddddinnnng…..maybe.  Now, go grab your partner and tell them that they are responsible for keeping you healthy!

    Ready to graduate and look at the G-pot from another angle?  Get up off of your knees.  I didn’t mean it literally!  But let’s get to the good part…

    A woman’s G Spot is located about 2 inches… For the rest of the article go to: http://thecoupleskorner.com/blog